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Terms & Conditions:
Application fees are non-refundable. You are paying a 3rd party company, a $30 application fee to conduct a Credit check, Background Check, & Criminal History Background Check for every adult living with you over the age of 18 years old. 

We do not make any money on your Background/Credit Check fee(s), and receive  no profits or commissions from your fee(s) paidit is ONLY, for the purpose of making sure you meet our tenant Background Check requirements, as listed on our site, and shared with you over the phone to which you have agreed to meet and PASS.  Any dispute you may have about your application fee or what is shown on your Background report you must contact Up on completing the application process you will be emailed a full report by for your $30, per applicant.  

For the safety of all our tenants, neighbors, Law Enforcement Officers dedicating themselves to keeping our community safe, Management has a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy for illegal activity.

Management prosecutes theft, Vandalism, Intimidation, & other illegal activity and behavior to the FULLEST, Extend of CA Law. Management cooperates, supports, Reports, Contacts, ALL Unlawful Activity to DHS Police Department, DHS Code Enforcement Officers, Riverside Housing Authority Agents, Social Services Administration, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & related authorities, as part of our DHS Community Neighborhood Watch Safety Programs.

We are ONLY, seeking Law Abiding Citizens that are Family friendly, peaceful people, whom have respect, appreciation and are courteous to our neighborhood Law Enforcement, Police Officers, Housing Authority Officers, and related support team members.  

We are in search of ONLY, peaceful applicants, that pass our Background, Credit, & Employment Verification requirements: No Prior Eviction, No Criminal History, No Self Employed jobs, Must Show Proof of W2 Income, No Exceptions.  Our company is governed by and has to comply with Government Regulations & Rules, we apologies at this time we can only help those that meet these requirements.

By applying with our company you are promising to abide by, and support, these basic requirements, which you have mentioned to qualify for in our initial phone and in person interview.  If so, please continue and click bellow to Apply.   We know you have lots of choices to choose from as far as places to call your new home, and we thank you, for giving us the opportunity to work with you.